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Parkour's a demanding activity of high impact and continuous risks. It must be practice safely. Know your own personal limits. Any practitioner who tries to push past their limits without prior preparation and training, takes a big risk or permanent disability or even death.

Like surfing in Hawaii. You don't start off with thirty foot waves. You get a foam board, and go to some beginner spot with your friends, your mom, or pay someone for lessons. You learn to swim. You learn to paddle. You start with foam and small waves. When you can drop in and turn, you get rid of the foam board, and get something that turns better. Then you work up to bigger waves and bigger challenges as your skills increases.

Parkour is strenuous activity that requires discipline, dedication and constant conditioning. If you chose to skip this 3 it will be easier to get hurt if you a make mistakes. You may also damage property, or hurt other people. You must be practicing consciously of what you are doing and taking responsibility for everything you do in order to prevent injuring yourself or others.

Iowa Parkour and the members of the community are not responsible for any injury that may occur, and that you are acting upon your own free will

The information contained within CRPKmovement.com is opinion, sometimes inaccurate and always open to interpretation. Judge the difficulty and your ability to safely protect yourself from the risks and dangers. Don't use the information provided on this site unless you understand and accept the risks.

This disclaimer could have been written in legal jargon. If you are the type of person who likes legal jargon or filing lawsuits, parkour is not for you. Adults between 30 and 55 are the most likely to over-estimate their level of fitness, and get hurt. If that's you, get a physical from your doctor. If it's okay for you to do physical activity, get in shape. Really good shape. Parkour is way more demanding than sitting at a desk or playing golf. However Parkour is for everyone for it is about pregressive skill development as you find your own way.