Iowa Parkour is the official state wide Parkour organization of Iowa. A not for profit organization, one of Iowa Parkour’s main endeavors is to catalog the Parkour groups in Iowa on their our website so that anyone interested in Parkour activities in the state can readily find a group that is located near them. In addition to facilitating the communication between Traceurs in Iowa, Iowa Parkour maintains open communication with Parkour groups across the United States and beyond in an effort to help spread an awareness and understanding of Parkour and Freerunning beyond their state lines. Their mission is educating people about the philosophies of Parkour and the techniques used by traceurs, and Iowa Parkour’s ultimate aim is to support the worldwide community in their efforts to strengthen the popularity of Parkour and make it known and accessible to people from all walks of like and all age levels.

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History of Parkour Link

CJ Flynn Co-founder of Iowa Parkour.

Created, designed, and update website & Facebook page, organizing parkour groups in Iowa, marketing and public relations.

Keith Brooks Co-founder of Iowa Parkour Video editor and Instructor

Rob Wirtjes

Designed the Iowa Parkour Logo