Q&A with CRPK

An interview with Keith Brooks about the popularity of Parkour in the Cedar Rapids area

Q) What is parkour?

A) "Parkour" literally means the act of moving. It has become a unique kind of urban gymnastics with French origins. It could be considered a sport, an art, or physical training, like taekwondo. When training for parkour, you are teaching your body to perform specific movements, vaults, balance, jumps, and safe landing techniques for huge jumps or falls. For example, by jumping from a distance of one story, and then rolling, you are spreading all that momentum out through your body, rather than letting your legs absorb it all. Once you train for all these things, then you actually go out to an urban area (downtown) and do it. The point of parkour is to get from point A to point B as fast and efficiently as possible.

Q) What do you especially like about parkour?

A) It's a really great way to stay in shape and stay active, and many people find the acrobatic-like stunts impressive. It's always fun to go out with friends to learn and try new things, and parkour is a great way of doing this.

Q) When did you get involved with parkour?

A) I started in the summer of 2008, and then found out about a group of "tracuers" (parkour practitioners) known as CRPK (Cedar Rapids Parkour), and joined them.

Q) When was CRPK founded?

A) I think around the summer of 2007, so three-and-a-half years ago.

Q) What is your current role in CRPK?

A) My friend and I do a lot of technical producing in an attempt to promote parkour in the area. This includes filming, fan pages, member pages, websites and designs. Also, I am one of the three leaders of CRPK.

Q) How did you become a leader, since you joined them almost a year after they started?

A) Most of the guys were out for school sports, so they had to quit CRPK to keep from getting injured. I was able to stay active with it, and got a lot of practice and training in.

Q) Have you, or other CRPK members, ever had any trouble doing stunts on private property?

A) Yes, multiple times. It's become a common thing because people think we are just some kids messing around, and are often unsure of what we're doing, so we usually try to explain that we are training, and if that doesn't work, we apologize and leave.

Q) How can we contact your group, and possibly become a member of Cedar Rapids Parkour?

A) You can either contact us through our Facebook fan page for the Iowa Parkour Association, or at our website, www.crpkmovement.com